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Planter Calibration

The Original Planter Calibration Unit
US Patent #4,949,570

The Original Planter Calibration Unit has been sold nationally to chemical companies, implement dealers and individuals to calibrate the insecticide units on planters.

Increase your productivity and decrease your expenses by ensuring that your planters are properly calibrated. Only a few acres of mis-applied insecticides can cost you thousands of dollars. By avoiding mis-applications the Original Planter Calibration Unit easily pays for itself.

Using a Planter Calibration Unit will help you save money and help protect the environment. Easily calibrate insecticides, oil chains, or just run to inspect complete operation. We back up our Calibration Unit with a one year guarantee from ship date, and immediate replacement parts are in stock at all times.

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Calibration Unit Instructions

Calibration Unit Calibration Unit