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Product Overview:
All accessory electronics delivered by Steinbauer are based on a single principle: 100% independence of the hardware module from the vehicle’s own control electronics (ECU) by means of an original Steinbauer plug connection.

Steinbauer has been developing, manufacturing and distributing additional performance electronics for over 15 years. Every product in the Steinbauer range has been developed and produced in-house. There is no substitute for quality.

Fuel Consumption:
The fuel consumption of any vehicle is mainly influenced by the style of driving. If a tuned car is driven “hard“, then a slight increase in fuel consumption is to be expected. If the car is driven like before the tuning was installed and the higher performance is used for acceleration and overtaking, fuel consumption remains almost original, under certain circumstances consumption may even decrease. Additionally the use of special air filters can lead to reduced fuel consumption due to higher air mass and therefore more efficient combustion of the fuel.

In Agricultural Machinery, reduced fuel consumption is achieved by the increase in performance and being able to work more efficiently, ie. ploughing or harvesting more acres per hour. This in turn reduces overall work hours and saves fuel.

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